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For manufacturing clients, we have a modern, well-maintained fleet of vehicles, ensuring that we collect your scrap in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. This means that the financial savings from making fewer trips can be passed on to our suppliers, and that you get the best possible return for your scrap metal, whist we remain competitive and ensure the reduction of the carbon footprint of the whole operation.

Our Fleet

We operate our own fleet of 18 specialised vehicles, which enables us to service manufacturing accounts nationwide. We also carry out a continuous process of vehicle purchase, which ensures that our fleet remains efficient, thus enabling us to offer suppliers the quality of service they require.

GPS Equipped

All our vehicles are GPS equipped for load security and optimum collection and scheduling. In addition our drivers are equipped with up to date high visibility overalls, they also have additional PPE on board to enable them to comply with our customers health & safety rules whilst on site.

Cost Effective

We can offer customers locally based waste processing facilities so as to compact metal waste such as that derived from machine turnings into Briquettes, (solid disks of metal) removing the air from the waste, compacting it so as to fit it into a smaller space and making transportation more cost effective.


Depending on your needs, we have three types of container:

  • Large capacity Roll On / Roll Off containers, with typically 20, 30 or 40 cubic yards of space
  • Standard skips in various sizes: 8, 12 and 15 cubic yard with a roof/lockable door if required
  • Small fork-lift bins and pallet boxes with several available variations: stackable, collapsible, lidded
  • Roll on / Roll Off

    With fully opening rear doors, these containers offer a service ideally suited to the movement of larger volumes of all dry types of loose metal waste.

    These containers have fully opening rear doors and offer a range of options depending on your requirements. These containers come in 3 different sizes: 20, 30 & 40 cubic yd.


    Designed to cater for medium volumes of loose metal waste and can be delivered on a smaller vehicle to allow more flexibility to get in to awkward places.

    Again, these containers come in 3 different sizes: 8, 12 & 15 cubic yd. However, a further alternative of the 12 cubic yd is available that has a roof and lockable door at both ends.


    Again, designed to cater for smaller volumes of loose metal waste and can be delivered on a smaller vehicle. We can supply various sizes, depending on your requirements.

    All our forklift bin types are fitted with feet and stantions and fork 'pockets' or runners to ensure and enable safe stacking and secure movement by forklift without risk of slippage.

    In addition to the above, we are always ready to cater for individual customers' needs by investing in tailor-made storage equipment when required. Please contact us for more details.


    All of the scrap that we handle is physically processed and inspected by Tom Martin at one of our own dedicated processing centres, in order to ensure that we supply only the highest quality scrap materials.

    We are able to process and package to our customers' exacting requirements and we can load material into bulk tipping trailers, walking floors, 20' and 40' sealed containers, as well as onto flat or curtain-sided vehicles.

    Material can be packaged in a variety of ways, most usually briquetted and strapped on pallets, in bulk bags strapped on pallets, or loose in a tipping trailer.

    Our experienced export administration team will take care of all issues relating to paperwork, invoicing, bills of lading, waste transfer notes and licences, and we are able to arrange payment on account, by bank transfer upon presentation of bill of lading or by letter of credit.

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