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Non Ferrous Metals

Tom Martin & Company strives to offer the best quality scrap material.

We recognise that far from being a waste, valuable scrap can often form an essential part of our clients' production requirements. With this in mind, we always endeavour to segregate and sort material for recycling back into the same alloy series.

This philosophy is aligned to our customers wishing to create a closed-loop recycling effect, encompassing the revert market for some of the more exotic metals such as titanium and nickel alloys.

However, sometimes the mixing of scrap is unavoidable, and as a result we can also offer a wide range of secondary materials for use in a variety of end markets.

Some of our more regular items are listed below, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific material requirement not covered here:

Aluminium Lithographic Scrap

  • Baled, used Aluminium Lithographic printing plates.
  • Baled, New Production 1000 series quality Aluminium Lithographic printing Plates.
  • Baled, New Production 1000 & 3000 series quality Aluminium Lithographic printing Plates with 2% tissue paper.
  • 1000 series Aluminium Lithographic Coils (no cardboard cores)

Aluminium Foil

  • Baled, heavy gauge, clean mill finish, 3000/8000 series quality Aluminium Alloy Food Container Foil.
  • Baled, decorated 1000 series quality Aluminium Yoghurt Foil.
  • Baled, clean and decorated 1000 series quality Milk Bottle Top Foil.
  • Baled, decorated, 1,3 & 8000 series quality chocolate foil.

Aluminium 2000 Series/Group 2

  • 2014 quality Aluminium Alloy Solids.
  • 2024 quality Aluminium Alloy Solids.
  • 2028 quality Aluminium Alloy Solids.
  • Mixed 2000 series light Aerospace cuttings.
  • Baled dry mixed 2000 series Aluminium Alloy turnings.

Aluminium 3000 Series/Group 3

  • Baled, Silicone Clad 3000 series quality Aluminium Alloy Radiator Cuttings/Tube (Braziery Alloy).
  • Baled, 3004 quality Aluminium Alloy Roofing Sheet Clad with 7072 (Cladding 4-8% of total thickness).
  • Baled, painted 3004/3105 quality Aluminium Alloy Caravan Sheet Scrap (some plastic coating).
  • Class I Can scrap. Clean mill finish 3104 Webbing.
  • Class II Can scrap. Decorated 3104 Webbing.
  • Baled decorated and laquered 3000/8000 series quality Aluminium Alloy Whisky Bottle Top Webbing.

Aluminium 5000 Series

  • Baled, mixed 1000/5000 series quality Aluminium Alloy Webbing scrap with approx 2% oil.
  • Clean mill finish 5052 quality Aluminium Alloy Webbing scrap in Briquettes.
  • Baled/bagged 5042 quality Aluminium Alloy Slugs (from beverage can industry) with slight decoration.
  • Baled, clean mill finish 5083 quality plate scrap.

Aluminium 6000 Series

  • Loose clean mill finish 6063, 6082 extrusion scrap.
  • Loose painted 6082 quality plate scrap.
  • Loose painted 6063 extrusion scrap.
  • Loose thermal break 6063 extrusion scrap.
  • 6082 quality Aluminium Alloy Kegs/Barrels.
  • Loose clean Mill finish 6001 Plate Scrap. And lastly, Baled Briquetted 6061, 6082 and 6063 Alloy Swarf

Aluminium 7000 Series

  • Mixed 7000 series quality Aluminium alloy plate scrap.
  • Segregated single alloy 7000 series Aluminium Plate Scrap. E.g. 7010, 7050, 7075, 7150, 7475, etc.

Aluminium Turnings

  • Baled dry, mixed 7000 series quality Aluminium Alloy Turnings.
  • Loose mixed Turnings :- (up to 2% Zn and 2-4% Zn)
  • Briquetted dry, mixed 7000 series quality Aluminium Alloy Turnings.


  • Loosely baled or densely briquetted used beverage cans.
  • Loose can scrap.
  • Grade A or contaminated qualities.


  • Clean, dry new production bright copper wire scrap (No 1).
  • Clean, dry new production Tinned Copper Wire Scrap.
  • Clean, new production Electro Copper Cuttings.
  • New production Tinned Copper Turnings.
  • Clean, new production heavy Busbar offcuts and punchings.
  • New Nickel Plated Copper Wire Scrap.


  • Clean, new production 70/30 Brass cuttings.
  • Clean, new production 63/37 Brass cuttings.
  • Tin plated 70/30 Brass cuttings.
  • Solder washed Brass waterway tube (Modine Tubes)

Stainless Steel

  • 18/8 Cuttings.
  • 316 Cuttings.
  • 305 Cuttings with 2-3% oil.
  • Jethete, Chrome Iron.


  • Titanium turnings, unprocessed type 90/6/4 (0.5% Sn Max).
  • Titanium solids in all grades.

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