Highest quality scrap materials

Tom Martin & Company strives to offer the best quality scrap products, by segregating and sorting materials wherever possible

All of the scrap that we handle is physically processed and inspected by Tom Martin at one of our own dedicated processing centres, in order to ensure that we supply only the highest quality scrap materials.

We process and package to our customers' exacting requirements and we can load material into bulk tipping trailers, walking floors, 20' and 40' sealed containers, as well as onto flat or curtain-sided vehicles.

Our experienced export administration team will take care of all issues relating to paperwork, invoicing, bills of lading, waste transfer notes and licences, and we are able to arrange payment on account, by bank transfer upon presentation of bill of lading or by letter of credit.

We trade a wide range of non-ferrous scrap, so whatever you are looking for, Tom Martin & Company will be able to help. Here are some examples of the largest volume items we handle:


Examples of what we trade:

Some of our more regular items are listed below, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific material requirement not covered here:

Aluminium 2xxx/7xxx turnings (Telic). Baled or briquetted in puck form

Aluminium Turnings

Aluminium packaging scrap: 5042 punchings; Oily NS4; Filler scrap; UBC

Aluminium packaging scrap

Aluminium foil: Yoghurt foil; confectionary foil; clean container foil; closure scrap

Aluminium foil

Segregated aluminium solids and turnings from 1xxx through to 8xxx alloys

Segregated aluminium solids

Titanium turnings and solids

Titanium turnings and solids

'We also have a whole host of other non-ferrous materials including brass, copper, stainless steel and nickel alloys. contact us. for more details.'