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Industry Sectors

A long-established presence

Tom Martin & Company has a long-established presence across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Our expertise lies in applying our cross-industry knowledge to offer our customers the highest levels of service and value, through an approach which is specific to the industry and individual plant.

The metal recycling industry encompasses a wide range of metals.

We draw from our experiences and best practices in a wide-range of manufacturing sectors to ensure that we continue to offer a market-leading service.


Aluminium, titanium, steel and nickel alloys from some of the largest machining centres in Europe, as well as from smaller first and second tier suppliers.

Aluminium Die-casting, Smelting, Coating

Profile, extrusion and thermal break scrap from aluminium window, door and building frame manufacturers.


Waste products from a wide range of primary and secondary aluminium producers and consumers.


Profile, extrusion and thermal break scrap from aluminium window, door and building frame manufacturers.

Cable Manufacturing

Plain and tinned copper wire, coated and armoured cable, aluminium wire and quadrant.

General Engineering

A wide variety of non-ferrous scrap generated by the general engineering sector.


Aluminium and stainless steel scrap in a number of forms: aerosols, cans, foil, kegs, UBCs and production off-cuts and punchings from the manufacturing process. Soudronic can-welding wire from tin can manufacturers.


Aluminium and copper scrap from lithographic and gravure printing processes.


Non-ferrous offcuts, swarf and surplus stock from the large European stockholder network.


Scrap disposal and recycling services to the Electricity, Gas, Nuclear, Petrochemical and Water industries.

Waste Management

Total waste management solutions; sub-contracting and brokerage service. Aluminium used beverage cans (UBCs), bottle tops and post-consumer foil from local authorities and Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs).

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